Hospital Security Solutions

Integrated end-to-end Hospital Security Solution

Two Way Security Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. has a strong background in delivering powerful security camera systems and recording solutions to customers within the healthcare industry, including clinics, hospitals, private practices, and pharmacies. As well-established security integrators, we are well aware of the security threats common to the industry and build systems that help protect against theft, dishonest employees, liability suits, and vandalism.

Two Way Security

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Safety & Security

Security cameras installed throughout a hospital prevent crime, medical insurance claims, break-ins, and allow security operators to monitor the property for patients in trouble or unauthorized visitors in restricted areas.

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24hr Real-time Monitoring

Hospital cameras can be monitored or viewed from various different platforms such as PC, Mac, iPhone and Android. Cameras no longer have to be monitored and view from one single location. With iPad and Tablet supported digital video recorders hospital employees can easily monitor specific areas from anywhere on the local network. Employees can even monitor their stations and hallways from another building of floor.

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Visual Evidence

When investigators need help solving an incident or crime, surveillance cameras will provide them with the visual evidence the need. Best of all your surveillance system can backup incidents directly to a USB drive, email or network drive so they may continue the investigation from there police station.

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